One Kyushu Project Social Media Ambassador Ms. Mai Kuraki

Hello, everyone
I’m Mai Kuraki. I was assigned to an authorized on-line messenger of information on “One Kyushu Project” via SNS.

First of all, thank you very much for warm support and assistance from countries all over the world at the time of 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
All of us in Kyushu are now striving as one for restoration and reconstruction from damage caused by the earthquake.
There are so many attractive products, delicious foods and heartfelt services, unique to Kyushu, which are introduced to the world via TV, Internet and at the events.
Our latest activities are published on the One-Kyushu website. Please visit our site and check them ! I’ll introduce what Kyushu boasts of in various ways too.
Kyushu has many scenic spots and picturesque places. Please come and travel around, utilizing Fukkowari, or special discount offered for travelers of Kyushu subsidized by the Japanese Government to experience lively Kyusyu.

In Kyushu I have some places of memories and places I’ve always wanted to visit. Now I’d like to visit Kyushu in the near future!
See you soon.


Mai Kuraki