Kyushu information#1 (Start)


Start of Kyushu tour!!
This morning, we came to Kyushu together with a total of 10 beauties, the world’s top 5 representatives at Miss International beauty pageant and Japan’s top 5s. It is a five-day tour starting on July 5 ending on July 10.
The purpose of this project is to recharge Kyushu, under the slogan “Let more and more people know how amazing Kyushu is” and “Let’s encourage Kyushu,” by actually vising its sightseeing spots which lost its energy due to the influence of the earthquake, studying more about them and spreading information of them to the world.
It’s a shame that people except attractive places in Kyushu from their list of must-see places just because they are located in Kyushu, even though most of them have not been affected from the disaster. There are still many people who were forced to live in temporary houses full of anxious feelings in the affected area. I do want to tell people that Kyushu is a great place to visit filled with kind people, profound history and diversified food culture.
I’m sure that the beauty representatives who took part in our project will spread information on what they knew and felt during their round-the-Kyushu tour when they are back to their home countries, Venezuela, Honduras, Kenya, Vietnam and America. Their message about Kyushu will spread all over the world without staying in five countries. That’s a very amazing thing. Please go for a trip to Kyushu by all means. Now is the time!✨✨✨ And I’d like Japanese to choose Kyushu as their destination casually.😆✈️🌏

miss-kawaguchi2016 Runner-UP Miss International Japanese Delegate
Saki Kawaguchi