Kyushu information#2 (Oita)


《Diary on journey to Kyushu : Day 1》
💜 Jigoku (Hell) tour of Beppu, Oita Prefecture
Jigoku (Hells) tour is an established and very popular tour to view, not to bathe in, 8 different types of hot springs including Chinoike (blood pond) Jigoku, Oni(demon) Jigoku and Shiraike (white pond) Jigoku, to name a few. You can experience the eight hells just by looking around them filled with steam, white gasses and smell of sulfur. The temperature of the area was quite a high, I felt as if I were in the hell. (*^-^*) So many crocodiles were living in Oniyama Jigoku. About 100 of them were absolutely still as if they were sleeping. Actually they were awake and in the next instant, a battle between two crocodiles started out of the blue, which made me really surprised.
💜Jigoku-mushi steamed foods (a plate of ingredients cooked by hot steam rising from the boiling hot spring)  Jigoku-mushi literally means “steamed in the hell”
Lunch🍴 Jigoku-mushi is a method of cooking utilizing steam rising from the hot spring. You put a container filled with ingredients like seafood, shumai dumplings, or whatever you like in a steamer installed over hot spring. The name of the dish really gave me an impact! Each one of us cooked on our own! Kyushu has really diversified foods. 😋💕💕
💜Hands-on experience of bamboo work
I tried bamboo work at handcraft workshop “Kamei” I made a wind-bell, one of summer features in Japan.🎐✨ At Kamei, a type of bamboo called Madake is used to weave articles. A bamboo doesn’t grow without humidity.
Living in humid country, I’m sometimes jealous of people living in dry weather. But learning that humidity, on the other hand, contributes to one of Japanese traditional art, I changed my viewpoint.
Their technique is marvelous. I thought bamboo art is one of the greatest arts Japanese are proud of. The tradition has been handed down from generation to generation.
💜Cheerleading team BRAVES, Nippon Bunri University
I watched the performance of the cheerleading team which has won awards all over the world.
Their performance made me cry.
I could not restrain my tears, as a feeling welled up
I was glad to have a chance to tell them how great their performance was and how I was impressed. I’m glad to come and watch their performance. I continue to be a fan of them who don’t spare any efforts to achieve their dreams. 😭💓

miss-kawaguchi2016 Runner-UP Miss International Japanese Delegate
Saki Kawaguchi