Kyushu information#2 (Oita)


After arriving at Oita, we went to Jigoku (literally means “hells”) Tour in Beppu and Inazumi Suichu Shounyudo (Inazumi underwater limestone cave) In addition to sightseeing, we did a photo shoot by a still camera and took a video for advertisements of Kyushu tour. I again realized the importance of getting the strength back to each sightseeing spot. In the interview with Miss Venezuela Edymar Martinez who was crowned the winner of Miss International, she told she was impressed by great souvenirs in Kyushu, saying there are so many good cosmetics which contains naturally oriented skin benefits agents. I introduced Japan, listened to Edymar talking about social situations in Venezuela, and took part in a photo shoot arm in arm with her. I really appreciate for giving me such great opportunity to assist with international exchange activities. I’ll do my best as a Japan’s representative. Please continue your support.

miss-shimomura2016 Runner-UP Miss International Japanese Delegate
Sairi Shimomura