Kyushu information#3 (Kumamoto)


I came to Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Aso Shrine has never been damaged or broken for 150 years since it was built. But it collapsed completely in the aftermath of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Aso Shrine is the heart and soul of people in the town. People must be lost in deep sorrow and suffered the wound in their heart. With all the buildings surrounding the shrine remained intact, only Aso Shrine where gods dwell were harmed by the natural disaster. People here say in a breath, “Gods in Aso sacrificed themselves to protect us.” While Aso Shrine suffered a lot, shops and stores stand firmly and are gradually recovering its previous vigor Signboards written in Korea, English, Chinese and Spanish are seen here and there. The town used to be crowded by visitors and tourists before the quake. Now no tourists from outside Japan are seen.

miss-shimomura2016 Runner-UP Miss International Japanese Delegate
Sairi Shimomura