Kyushu information#5 (Kagoshima / Miyazaki)


In the morning, we had delicious breakfast at Kyushu Pancake Café before leaving for Miyazaki and Aoshima. ✨As it rained too heavy for photo shoot, we took a shelter to wait and see for a while. However, while foodie Edymar was eating another breakfast, a parfait with mango, the sky cleared up to allow us a photo shoot with clear sky and beautiful scenery in the background. We then headed for Kirishima and made a workshop tour of Kirishima Shuzo (sake brewery) where I sampled Kirishima beer. I was just impressed by its mild taste. Delicious natural water is said to play a big role in producing good sake, shochu and beer, and making foods more tasty.
指宿の砂風呂 We moved to Kagoshima Prefecture. 🚗 I took a sand bath at Hakusuikan Inn, Ibusuki. The sand was hotter than I imagined. When three minutes have passed in the sand, I insidiously started sweating. Staying for 10 to 15 minutes in the sands bath is said to be effective in removing as much as 800g weight. ✨ The hot spa bath in Hakusuikan Inn was amazing. In addition to sands bath, there were many types of bath including steam bath, kamado sauna in the shape of furnace on the 1st floor and 2nd floor, and open-air onsen bath too.
Edymer also seemed to like hot spa very much saying “my skin became smooth and sleek”
Edymer will turn 21 years old tomorrow, same age as me. She is my lifelong friend. I like her so much. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate her birthday.

miss-shimomura2016 Runner-UP Miss International Japanese Delegate
Sairi Shimomura