Kyushu information#6 (Kagoshima)


On the last day of Kyushu tour, we visited Kagoshima. Mr. Shimotakehara, president of Hakusuikan Inn where we stayed the night before, kindly showed us around Satsuma Folklore House where we did a photo shoot.
Hakusuikan Inn provides nice space equipped with hot spa bathrooms, sands bath and traditional Japanese-style guestroom. All the facilities are filled with best hospitality only Japan can offer with its considerations and thoughtfulness.
I’m sure the hospitality of Hakusuikan Inn will surely win the heart of visitors from overseas who came to Kyushu for sightseeing. Japanese visitors, who live in westernized life style nowadays, will find the traditional Japanese-style atmosphere very relaxing.
Satsuma Folklore House was founded under the theme “you’ll know everything about Satsuma (now Kagoshima) here” whose mission is to hand down history and culture deeply and widely of Satsuma during the most brilliant era, from the end of Edo Period to Meiji, when Satsuma area played a great role in changing history. You can see as many as 360 items to represent those era, which Hakusuikan Inn took 60 years to collect since its foundation.
I’m looking forward to seeing especially the video which introduces the charm of the inn.

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Sairi Shimomura