Kyushu Information#7 (Oita)

I woke up at 5 Am to catch the early flight from Haneda airport to Kyushu today. We arrived in Kyushu at 8 Am, then I and my friend immediately started our travel planning to attractions of Kyushu.
Here, there are many natural hot springs with average temperature of the water ranged from 80 to 100 degrees so most of them provide services to offer boiled eggs for travelers who want to try. Today, I passed four hot springs and found that each of which was available in a variety of colors with common feature in beautiful scenes. We wonder why local people call this area by the name “Hell” so everyone made a joke by saying Welcome to Hell. Handicraft items of rattan weaving crafts (just like Vietnam) were also found here but partially used for sale and the other part for training class to attract tourists. In our country, rattan weaving crafts were made for sale only. Miss. Van also made one lantern but it was too bad to be shown off.
After visiting different types of hot springs and crocodile farm in this area, we had visited and awarded scholarships for NBU University. Here they are teaching a very special subject which is Cheerleading. Ms. Lindsey loves this subject very much because it is so common in the United States schools. And with rumors thereof, Miss US International 2016 has been a cheerleader. Wow !!!
Being tired of walking and doing sightseeing, we retuned hotel in Hoseji at 8:00 PM for dinner and resting. The hotel owner treated everyone a food tray of which could not be eaten all by four persons. Particularly, Shabu dish (like hot pot dish) with meat of pork that were bred and produced in this province. I and Edymar ravenously ate food in every dish but failed to complete our meal. Since Mrs. Edymar could not eat Sashimi, she grilled raw seafood and ate them. It was so strange.
Finally, after finishing the meal at 10 Pm, all of us went to see fireflies together. I swear that I have never seen so many fireflies and a starry sky like that. I could not take any photos in the dark moreover the light might make fireflies fly away. It was a pity that we could not see Eunice Atien face when taking her selfie in the dark, we love you Atien !!!
We all were tired and took a nap in the car due to our tight travel schedule and a lot of movement on the first day. Nevertheless, it was really a great joy to meet each other and more meaningful to contribute to the promotion of Japanese tourism. Also do not forget to thank Mr. Le Thanh Hoa who stood out in relief against his simple dress but very elegant. When Ms. Van said that his dress was the design of Vietnam, everyone was so surprised and commended for it. How proud we were!!!

So it was the end of the first day, Ms. Van will go to sleep and get up at 4:00 Am for tomorrow’s itinerary. Good night everyone!

Hôm nay dậy sớm từ lúc 5g sáng để đáp chuyến bay từ Haneda đi Kyushu. Đến nơi là 8g sáng thì mình và các bạn bắt đầu…

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