What is “One Kyushu Project”?

Kyushu Island is located in the southwest of Japan.
It is said that Kyushu is a Japan’s gate way to East Asia region and ASEAN countries.
Kyushu is the closest to Asia and its convenience is highly valued.
It is also called “Food Island” and it is a mecca for many Japanese as an island of gourmet.
The allure of Japan such as appealing products, reasonable but high quality services, historical architectures, growing cities, etc., are all concentrated in Kyushu.
Kyushu is full of charm as tourist destinations, long-stay and a place of residence.

However, in April, 2016 a major-scale earthquake occurred in Kyushu centering on Kumamoto and Oita.

Though, right after the earthquake Kyushu has made a strong first step toward recovery and reconstruction, looking at better tomorrow.
We are hoping that you too experience the charm and the power of Kyushu.
We appreciate your support from all over the world and keep sending messages of the power and the charm of Kyushu.
Keeping “make Kyushu together as one” in mind, we named this site “One Kyushu Project” and will send messages of allure of Kyushu.

Please look forward to it.

From all the member of One Kyushu Project

* This project is a part of the restoration program of the Japanese government.

What is One Kyushu Project?