Pearly Specialty -Miyazaki Caviar-


Miyazaki Prefecture is located in the southern part of Kyushu. It is little known that Miyazaki is Japan’s top producer of caviar. Research study on sturgeon has been conducted in Miyazaki for the past 33 years, and the prefecture is now its top cultivator in Japan. In November 2013, caviar from Miyazaki, which had undergone a unique aging process, hit the stores.

Its one of a kind taste garnered attention and the product immediately sold out. The prefecture and sturgeon growers then took this as an opportunity to develop dishes using sturgeon meat, a luxury food called the “Royal fish” in the West.Through various activities done in collaboration of the prefecture and the locals, sturgeon from Miyazaki is now in popular demand in Tokyo and Fukuoka restaurants.

Can the people create new food specialties using sturgeon dishes? What becomes of “caviar sushi” after much trial and error?

The program follows the local people in their efforts to create new Miyazaki-special delicacies.

DATETIME (Universal Time Coordinated)
September 29, Thursday23:30-24:00
September 30, Friday5:30-6:00, 12:30-13:00, 17:30-18:00

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