Champon – Secrets behind Nagasaki’s Signature Dish –


Champon is the soul food of Nagasaki. In this area, there is always Champon in restaurant menus, and the locals each have their favorite Champon restaurant. This is just how much Champon is rooted in the daily lives of people.

The noodle used in a Champon dish is made with a special ingredient called “Touaku”, which is produced by only three manufacturers in Nagasaki. It is essential in bringing out the unique texture and aromatic flavor that can only be found in Champon noodles.
There is a distinct face people make after making the first sip of Champon. Each shop gives much thought and effort in each bowl every day. Soup can be derived from pork bones, chicken stock or a blend of both. Champon soup is carefully cooked for at least three hours.

The program features Nagasaki’s specialty Champon, and explore its history and secret that even a Nagasaki local may not know.

DATETIME (Universal Time Coordinated)
September 8, Thursday23:30-24:00
September 9, Friday5:30-6:00, 12:30-13:00, 17:30-18:00

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